Surely the vast majority agree that, leaving aside the recent electronic transmissions, the bicycle fork and its maintenance is one of the most delicate points of our bicycles.

However, following a few simple care that are available to 100% of users, we can improve and prolong the performance and life of our bicycle fork considerably:


Step 1: Cleaning before each departure

Either before each departure or just after finishing a route, it is undoubtedly a key factor not to allow dust, dirt or mud to accumulate in the bars of our fork and the surroundings of the roadblocks.


Having this cleaning process as a habit, which with the help of a damp cloth will not take more than 2 minutes, will cause that at each exit the fork and its seals do not have to deal with dirt from previous days, thus reducing wear by friction and work more smoothly.


It is very important not to use water under pressure or products that can degrade the rubber and plastic compounds of the seals. More than recommended, the use of products that have already been tested on bicycles, such as the Finish Line Bike Wash spray .


Step 2: Lubricating bars

A point that has generated its controversies in different websites and forums debating about its need or not and that, however, we have tested and tested on our own bicycles; drawing conclusions and real results.


We refer to the fact of externally lubricating the bicycle fork bars by using specific products such as the Brunox Deo spray . Although a fork already has its own internal lubrication methods, the reduction of friction and, therefore, the improvement in sensitivity is appreciable when applying a few drops of product before each exit after having performed the corresponding pre-cleaning.


Another brand that has a specific product for these tasks is Finish Line with its spray Max Suspension , useful not only for the maintenance of the fork but also for shock absorbs and telescopic seat posts.


Step 3: Annual complete review

Even with all the care taken, and unless we have the bicycle just to decorate a wall of a house, a complete maintenance of the annual bicycle fork is practically mandatory, and even should be done more frequently if we use it intensively and / or competition with great monthly mileage.


These reviews are carried out by the official Technical Services of all suspension brands, as well as specialized workshops and, increasingly, many bikers and amateurs who decide to search for documentation online and perform these maintenance themselves.


Key points of this maintenance are the change of roadblocks, whether they are from Fox , Rock Shox or, increasingly known, Enduro . Also the replacement of hydraulic oils and revision of bushings and dials is essential.


You see that, for day to day, it is not so much work that it will cost you to have impeccable and ready for action your hairpin, assuming only a few minutes at the end or before starting the next route. Think that poorly maintained, scratched or worn bars will mean, in 99% of cases, having to buy a new bicycle fork.